A new electrical link between France and Italy

October 2022

A new electrical link between France and Italy

As a further step towards the construction of the European electricity network, a new 190 km EHV line, entirely underground, is being built between Savoy and Piedmont. It will increase the electricity exchange capacity between France and Italy by 40%.

The first commissioning is scheduled for the 4th quarter of 20221.

Built by RTE with its Italian partner TERNA, the new link will be the longest in the world at this level of power and voltage: "it is an exceptional project which aims above all to strengthen mutual back-up capacity, improve the pooling of resources and facilitate cross-border electricity exchanges."

With 95 km on the French side, it is integrated into the existing road infrastructure, in order to preserve the quality of the landscape and contribute to the local economic dynamics. It will also facilitate the integration of renewable energies into the French and Italian electricity systems.

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1. The schedule provides for partial commissioning in the fourth quarter of 2022 (mid-capacity) and full commissioning in 2023. The first works in France started in April 2015.

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