A territorial project for Greater Geneva

January 2016

A territorial project for Greater Geneva

In October 2015, the Greater Geneva local grouping of cross-border cooperation (LGCC) launched an initiative to draw up a territorial project for the whole of the French-Vaud-Geneva conurbation for the 2016-2030 period. This process of reflection will be completed at the end of this year. It involves the elected representatives of the region, both Swiss and French, and cross-border civil society organised through the Greater Geneva Conurbation Forum.

The territorial project will be a reference document that is both realistic and operational and that gives coherence and a framework for action to planning policy on either side of the border and in the LGCC. The initiative responds to the functioning within this region in which territories are increasingly interconnected and interdependent. It is underpinned by a political will to work together to improve the quality of life in Greater Geneva, in spite of some difficulties in terms of implementation. The territorial project will also be a document for the multiannual programming of investment that takes account of the financial capacity of the different partners in the French-Vaud-Geneva area, where the fiscal context is complicated.

Lastly, it will make it possible to satisfy the requirements of the Swiss Confederation in the drawing-up of the third-generation conurbation project. This federal policy contributes to the structuring of Greater Geneva. It makes possible the co-financing, by the Confederation, of public transport infrastructure projects. The conurbation project also makes it possible to lay down a number of guidelines with respect to planning which are now taken into account in the regulatory documents on either side of the border (territorial coherence plans, cantonal master plans, etc.), but also in the field of the environment (preservation of natural spaces, air quality, energy transition, etc.).

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