The third Franco-German cross-border conference

April 2017

The third Franco-German cross-border conference

On 5-6 April 2017 in Neustadt-an-der Weinstraße (Rhineland-Palatinate), the third Franco-German cross-border conference was held, in the presence of Harlem Désir, the Secretary of State for European Affairs (FR), and Michael Roth, Minister of State for Europe (DE).

On this occasion, they signed the "Hambach Declaration", a joint declaration that affirms their desire to pursue "integration in the Franco-German cross-border region in the spirit of mutual benefit, to serve the interests of its citizens and promote economic and social development". It identifies areas of cooperation to be strengthened such as young people, labour market integration, languages, higher education, transport, sustainable development, social integration, healthcare and policing and legal affairs.

Download the Declaration (in French)

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