Signature in Toulouse of a Franco-German declaration

October 2019

Signature in Toulouse of a Franco-German declaration

The 21st Franco-German Council of Ministers took place in Toulouse on 16 October 2019, bringing together France’s President, Emmanuel Macron, Germany’s Chancellor, Angela Merkel, as well as the French and German ministers. On this occasion, and following on from the Aachen Treaty, the “Franco-German Declaration of Toulouse” was signed, which reaffirms the commitments made at the highest level of government with respect to Franco-German cooperation.

Regarding cross-border cooperation: "France and Germany are building a common future by strengthening their cooperation and integration." Prominent in the declaration are citizen-focused projects, with the setting-up of a "Common Citizens Fund", mobility programmes for young people, mutual recognition of qualifications, and bilingualism. In terms of governance, the setting-up of the "Cross-Border Cooperation Committee" aimed at finding solutions for everyday difficulties, with which the MOT is involved, was highlighted. The first informal meeting of this committee took place on 30 September in Strasbourg.

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