Meetings of the MOT's bodies and the Technicians' Platform

October 2017

Meetings of the MOT's bodies and the Technicians' Platform

In the presence of Michel Delebarre, President of the MOT, and a number of elected officials, the meeting of the MOT’s steering committee was the occasion to take stock of the organisation’s different activities, and to discuss the future triennial programme for the years 2018-2020.

The meeting of the technicians’ platform, a time for interactive discussion with members of the network, enabled exchanges on the expectations of the network with regard to the preparation of this programme. This meeting was also the opportunity for the MOT to present its online forum, which will be launched at the end of 2017. This forum aims to facilitate dialogue and direct exchanges with members, to ask questions and obtain technical responses and allow the MOT to identify recurrent obstacles and relay the information to the appropriate levels for their resolution. This meeting was also the opportunity to survey the network’s expectations of the MOT’s European activities, following the publication in September of the European Commission’s communication.
Finally, the last meeting of the MOT 20th anniversary Working Group allowed an update on the organisation of the conference planned for 30 November to 1 December in Brussels.

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2. Minutes of the meetings (reserved for members - FR)
3. Minutes of the Platform meeting (reserved for members - FR)

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