Meeting of the National Mountain Council on cross-border issues

November 2019

Meeting of the National Mountain Council on cross-border issues

The National Mountain Council is a consultative body, established by the Montagne Act, that has a proposal-making role with respect to setting goals for the development, spatial planning and protection of mountain ranges. It is made up of parliamentarians and representatives from the regions and departments of the six mountain ranges in metropolitan France (the Alps, Corsica, the Jura, the Massif Central, the Pyrenees and the Vosges) and the three overseas mountain ranges, social professionals and representatives from the voluntary sector. The General Commission for Territorial Equality provides its general secretariat.

Several of France’s mountain ranges are located along its borders. The National Mountain Council’s working group “European and cross-border cooperation”, which the MOT participates in, met on 6 November, in the presence of Annie Genevard, MP of the Doubs Department and President of the National Association of Mountain Elected Representatives.

The discussions focused on the role of diplomatic advisors, the possibilities opened up by the ECBM and the Aachen Treaty, and – presented by the MOT – fiscal equalisation mechanisms aimed at addressing border region imbalances.

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