Annual network's meeting and Technicians' Platform

June 2015

Annual network's meeting and Technicians' Platform

On 18 June, following the conference-debate, MOT annual bodies were the occasion of important votes for the association. New statutes, after several months working with members, were adopted.

A new "Board" and a new "Advisory Committee" were elected.

New statutes allow to :
- Reaffirm the MOT status as a public multi-level cooperation tool;
- Take into account the new context for the cooperation and diversity of its actors;
 Consolidate the organisation and facilitate the functioning for its members and institutional partners.

According to these new statutes, the members then proceeded to the election of a new Board and a new "Advisory Committee" for a renewable term of three years. They allow a better geographical representation of the territories and levels of cooperation (local, regional, national and European), especially with the introduction of a new category of members: European and national parliamentarians.

A new scale of membership fees was adopted in order to adapt to the evolutions of the French territorial reform (notably the number and size of French border regions).

New members were presented at this occasion - bringing total membership to 66 - as well as the activity report 2014. The annual programme was adopted as well as a three-year programme 2015-2017 focused on three main objectives:

  • Support the cross-border cooperation stakeholders (operational and legal studies); network and capitalize experiences.
  • Contribute to the definition, the evolution and the implementation of cross-border policies regarding the various territorial levels.
  • Represent the interests of the territories at European level; develop activities on the overseas and at international level.

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* Region Rhône-Alpes, the Communauté de Communes of Western Guyana, the Secretariat of the Summit of the Greater Region, the town of Beausoleil, the Conference TransJurassienne and as a partner the Group Transdev.

The Technicians’ Platform

A meeting of the Technicians’ Platform, a forum for interactive discussions with the members of the network, has taken place after the general assembly. The discussions covered the pertinence of working on the setting-up of an online forum for network members. Its objective would be to facilitate direct discussion between the members, and also to provide assistance and identify common solutions for overcoming obstacles, with the goal of building up a resource of good practices and experiences for sharing.
Members who did not attend can give their opinion by completing a questionnaire [in French] on this forum project: click here.

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