Meetings with cross-border workers in Forbach

May 2022

Meetings with cross-border workers in Forbach

As part of a study for the European Commission on the impacts of the measures taken on borders during the pandemic, the MOT went to Forbach on 26 April to meet users of the cross-border territory.

Hosted by the Maison Ouverte des Services pour l’Allemagne (MOSA), the discussion with several employees of German industrial firms near to the French territory was a source of many insights for the study. In particular, they reported difficulties in crossing the border, lack of available information and issues linked to differences in regulations on either side of the border. Particular focus will also be given in the study to the role played by structures that give assistance for administrative procedures. These have emerged from the different accounts as crucial resources to facilitate cross-border mobility and ensure continuity of public services, which is especially necessary during a crisis period.

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