How should cooperation across Europe's borders look going towards 2050? Over to you!

January 2021

How should cooperation across Europe's borders look going towards 2050? Over to you!

Following the Covid-19 crisis in the border regions, and in the light of the scale of the coming transitions, a new impetus and long-term vision are needed more than ever to make these territories engines of solidarity and cooperation between Europeans. What have been the impacts of the pandemic on cross-border cooperation? What are the desirable futures for Europe, democracy and cooperation? These are the questions that the consultation on the long-term future of cross-border cooperation is attempting to answer.

This survey, available in all of the EU languages, will serve as the basis for a resolution of the Committee of the Regions, which will put forward concrete proposals on the future of these local cooperation initiatives, and will constitute the CoR’s contribution, as well as that of the members of the European Cross-Border Citizens Alliance, launched on the MOT’s initiative, to the Conference on the Future of Europe, for which France’s presidency in 2022 will be a staging post.

Some proposals will be made within the framework of the current treaties, while others may envisage their revision – which is the purpose of the Conference on the Future of Europe.

This participatory process will be concluded on 1 July 2021 with a major event in Brussels. Put the date in your diaries now!

In between now and then, several “Citizens’ Dialogues” will be organised: don’t hesitate to contact the MOT team to express your interest in co-organising an event aimed at the inhabitants of your territory!

Link to the consultation.

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