Publication: The 'cross-border' prefect for European cooperation

May 2015

Publication: The 'cross-border' prefect for European cooperation

The CHEMI (Centre for High-Level Studies of the Ministry of the Interior - France) publishes the proceedings of the discussions' day on the "cross-border prefect" organized on 20th June 2014, in partnership with the MOT.

The 20 or so prefects and senior civil servants from the ministry who attended discussed with representatives of the MOT, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the DG REGIO and the CGET, the issues relating to cross-border territories, the new 2014-2020 cohesion policy, the redefinition of the State’s role with respect to them and the support that the MOT can give. The need to provide training to civil servants who take up posts in border regions was reaffirmed.

Download the proceedings [FR]

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