Projects of the SaarMoselle Eurodistrict up to 2027

April 2021

Projects of the SaarMoselle Eurodistrict up to 2027

The Eurodistrict is in the final phase of the process of drawing up its new territorial strategy. The issues it addresses are varied, and in the special context of the pandemic, cross-border cooperation has taken on particular importance, notably in the area of healthcare.

Thus, one of the key projects led by the EGTC is the healthcare cooperation project "GeKo SaarMoselle", co-funded by the European programme Interreg VA GR, which aims to strengthen networks of healthcare players and to support them in developing projects, in order to facilitate access to healthcare services on both sides of the border. Through this project, the Eurodistrict helped to set up a Franco-German testing centre in March – a pioneering initiative in response to the pandemic.
Another topical issue within the territory of the Eurodistrict is that of mobility. The health crisis has shown the usefulness and fragility of cross-border transport services, and political will is needed to ensure the continuity of services for users. In the forthcoming programming period, the Eurodistrict aims to develop and secure the long-term future of the network of cross-border public transport.

Lastly, the promotion of interculturality and bilingualism remains an important area for the border territory. Through its Interreg VA GR project “Babylingua", which plans to build and equip a cross-border crèche in Saarbrücken, the Eurodistrict seeks to strengthen cross-border public services and contributes to the work of the Cross-Border Cooperation Committee aimed at removing the main administrative and legal obstacles in the way of setting up such a structure.

These projects, which are just some of the actions carried out by the Eurodistrict, point to the building blocks that need to be put in place to best serve the development and well-being of its inhabitants.

The SaarMoselle Eurodistrict has been a member of the MOT network since 2005.
It should be noted that the MOT is currently conducting, on behalf of the Saarbrücken Regionalverband, a comparative French-German study on planning and building permits in construction projects designed for large retail outlets in the SaarMoselle Eurodistrict. This assignment is being carried out jointly with the German firm Junker+Kruse and is due to be completed by the end of September 2021.

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