"BORDER +" project: reinventing internal borders of Europe

May 2015

"BORDER +" project: reinventing internal borders of Europe

The "BORDER +" ptoject proposes a participatory reflection on the future of the internal borders of EU. Following the former Schengen border, a unique exhibition created with the border inhabitants of 8 countries will travel from the Baltic to the Adriatic Sea, reinforcing exchange and sharing visions about the future and the transformation of this regions of Central Europe.

On 21 December 2007, the controls at the border between the “old” and “new” EU countries (D, A, IT on one side, and PL, CZ, SK, HU, SLO on the other) have been lifted. Our vision is to treat this 3000 km line through the heart of the continent, formerly a line of separation and conflict, as a place of exchange, a dynamic hub of dialogue, a venue for reflection and creativity. To launch the process, Atelier Limo proposes the concept of a travelling exhibition growing along the way as a result of contributions from the border region’s residents. On the whole journey, workshops with different bi- and trinational groups (schools, local and cultural actors, fire brigades, veterans...) will be held at at least 10 different places during summer 2016.
BORDER + is at once artistic, social and participatory: residents of 8 different countries will have their say, get to know each other more closely, and exchange their customs and visions to reinvent this "new" shared territory.

BORDER +is an initiative of the Atelier Limo. It is based on the 2 previous projects: Border Speaking and "Frontier Survey". BORDER + is currently looking for further logistic and financial support.

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