"MORO" – pilot projects devoted to cross-border cooperation in Germany

October 2016

"MORO" – pilot projects devoted to cross-border cooperation in Germany

Several spatial planning pilot projects (MORO), such as the one that led to the setting-up of the IMeG,* incorporating border region and cross-border considerations have been launched in Germany.

Among which are:

European Groupings of Territorial Cooperation (EGTC)

As part of the first MORO project, the BBR/BBSR** carried out a study on the "Potential for transnational and cross-border partnerships of using the EGTC tool". The second MORO project, launched in September 2014 on the topic "European Groupings of Territorial Cooperation –disseminating and deepening experiences", led to the holding of workshops to exchange experiences in 2015 and a final workshop in March 2016. Three model regions were analysed: the SaarMoselle Eurodistrict, the Rhine-Alps Corridor EGTC and the Lower Oder Valley EGTC.

Joint future for the German-Polish catchment area 2030

At the end of 2014, the German-Polish commission responsible for territorial development launched the "Joint future concept for the German-Polish catchment area 2030", a project funded by MORO that is due to be completed at the end of 2016. Following public consultation, a first draft of this "future concept" was discussed in April 2016 and supplemented by the definition of general and specific objectives and the draft of a "cartographic image".
On the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the Treaty on Good Neighbourliness and Friendly Cooperation between Germany and Poland, the German-Polish commission launched a bilingual Internet portal dedicated to cross-border cooperation between the two countries, which in particular presents this project:

System of territorial observation for Germany and its border regions

Now enshrined in federal law,*** territorial observation extends to "adjacent areas". In line with this, a MORO project was launched in October 2015 to create a "System of territorial observation for Germany and its border regions", which lays the foundations for continuous and expanded territorial observation. Covering the 2015-2017 period, the project involves the organisation of many workshops, including in the model regions analysed,**** ending with a national workshop in the first half of 2017 followed by a final workshop in November 2017.

* IMeG Final Report "Initiative Group of German Regions in Cross-Border Functional Regions", 2013
** Federal Office for Building and Regional Planning.
*** "Raumordnungsgesetz, § 25 Zusammenarbeit von Bund und Ländern"
**** Including the Greater Region.

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