Health bill in France: a cross-border section for the SROS

May 2015

Health bill in France: a cross-border section for the SROS

Joël Giraud, MP for the Hautes-Alpes and former MOT vice-president, has had an amendment to the Health bill passed which requires that the Schémas Régionaux d'Organisation des Soins (SROS) (regional healthcare organisation schemes) include a cross-border section in the territories concerned.

With support from Philip Cordery, MP representing French citizens residing in Benelux, “this provision is very important for many of our fellow citizens living either side of our borders. Patients commonly receive healthcare on the other side of the border, thanks to the many agreements between hospitals or between health professionals. This often involves a shorter distance, and thus greater safety. […] The committee has already adopted an amendment enabling hospital groups to sign agreements with hospitals on the other side of the border. In this case, the aim is to enable the ARS (regional health agencies) to take the existing provision and demand in the regional health schemes into account. It is an important advance for the French citizens concerned.”

Text of the amendment [FR]
Record of the session [FR]

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