Studies produced by the MOT in 2016

January 2017

Studies produced by the MOT in 2016

The MOT assists players involved in cross-border cooperation through studies and expert assignments. In 2016, it carried out or began work on 12 operational studies.

At regional and local level:

  • Winter boat services between Corsica and Sardinia
    Technical and legal assistance to Corsica's territorial authority regarding the introduction of winter cargo and passenger boat services between Corsica and Sardinia.

  • Territorial development plan for the Greater Region
    Assistance in drawing up the plan for the Greater Region summit

  • Setting-up of an "eco-bonus" transport project on France’s border with Luxembourg
    Assistance to the EGIS engineering group in setting up an "eco-bonus" project aimed at promoting eco-friendly transport around the Franco-Luxembourg border.

  • Management and operation of a ferryboat service between Saint Laurent du Maroni (French Guiana) and Albina (Suriname)
    Study for the territorial authority of French Guiana on the legal aspects of the management and operation of the ferry.

  • Cross-border cooperation plan for the Lille European Metropolis
    Assistance to the Lille European Metropolis in drawing up its cross-border cooperation plan.

  • Setting-up of the European grouping of territorial cooperation of the Bouches de Bonifacio International Marine Park
    Technical assistance in setting up the EGTC. 

  • Policy paper on the value added of cross-border cooperation
    Drafting of a policy paper for the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, commissioned by the Greater Region, aimed at setting out the benefits of cross-border cooperation.

  • Economic intervention strategy for the Saint-Louis and Three Borders Area
    Study carried out with the consultancy firm Acadie in order to draw up an appropriate economic intervention strategy for the cross-border territory.

At national level:

  • The cross-border issues facing metropolises
    Support for the General Commission for Territorial Equality (CGET, France) through studying the cross-border positioning of three metropolises (Strasbourg, Lille and Nice) in the "MAPTAM Act".
  • Cross-border issues in mountain areas in mainland France
    Study for the CGET in relation to the "Mountain Act" (France).

At international level:

  • Cross-border co-operation in Central Africa
    Study for the International Association of Francophone Mayors (AIMF) aimed at formulating an assessment of and argument for expanding cooperation in Central Africa.
  • ECOWAS programme to fund cross-border cooperation projects
    Study on the creation of an ECOWAS programme designed to fund cross-border cooperation projects in West African countries, based on the Interreg model.

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