The parc des carrières: A new green lung for the Basel Trinational Eurodistrict

December 2022

The gradual conversion of a quarry in Saint-Louis, close to the French, Swiss and German borders, offers a promising opportunity for the agglomeration.

The quarry will be phased out until 2029, but work has already begun to create an urban park that will become a meeting point and leisure area, particularly for residents of the surrounding Swiss and French municipalities. The parc des carrières will be equipped with pedestrian and bicycle paths, a playground and natural areas that will foster biodiversity. In addition, the site will be accessible by the tramway linking Saint-Louis to Basel.

Development of the park site began in early 2021 and will continue until 2025, and the inauguration of the three pilot hectares in the northern part of the park took place in November 2022. The unique feature of this project is that parts of the quarry, no longer in use, are gradually being redeveloped into natural and landscaped areas, while gravel extraction continues on the neighbouring plots. Supported and managed by the Association for the Promotion of the Parc des Carrières, this project is exemplary of successful Franco-Swiss cross-border cooperation.

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