Launch of the Greater Region's new geoportal

June 2017

Launch of the Greater Region's new geoportal

More user-friendly and better suited to players in the Greater Region but above all to the general public is how the new version of the Greater Region's geoportal, which was officially presented on 23 May, in the presence of Camille Gira, Luxembourg's Secretary of State for sustainable Development and Infrastructure, can be summed up.

A showcase for territorial observation in the Greater Region, since 2010 the geoportal has allowed people to view the geographical data produced by the geographical information system on diverse topics (territorial development, the environment, tourism, mobility within the Greater Region and the labour market).
The new version, which is more intuitive, helps to highlight the progress made and the concrete advances that have led to this new geoportal. The latter, which has been developed in cooperation with the Luxembourg Centre for Government Information Technologies, the Luxembourg Land Registry and Topography Administration and the Rhineland-Palatinate Landesamt für Vermessung und Geobasisinformation, makes it possible to capture cross-border flows and territorial dynamics with greater accuracy than before.
At this event, the participants, including the MOT, were able to address the issue of territorial observation within the Greater Region more broadly. They stressed the need to reinforce the role of territorial observation in political decision-making, notably at the cross-border level, with the maps providing "better visibility of the dynamics of territorial development and facilitating the interpretation of statistical indicators".

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