The MOT publishes a "methodological guidebook"

February 2013

The MOT publishes a "methodological guidebook"

In a dynamic context of reform - redefinition of cross-border policy and decentralisation process in France, preparation of the 2014-2020 programmes at European level - the MOT has produced a methodological guidebook aimed at improving articulation between cohesion policy, governance structures and cross-border territorial approaches.

The guidebook is intended primarily for local authorities, government departments, European institutions and programmes and, more widely, all stakeholders in cross-border cooperation. It provides a diagnosis of cooperation on all French borders, a general cross-cutting diagnosis, and a series of recommendations aimed at improving the implementation framework for cross-border cooperation.
This work was carried out by the MOT as part of a study co-funded by the Europ’Act programme. It is the product of eighteen months of investigations and fieldwork, based on nearly 75 interviews with the major stakeholders in cross-border cooperation.
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