Greater Region: "UniGR", a European centre of skills and resources

March 2018

As part of the "UniGR - Centre for Border Studies" project, the six member universities (Kaiserslautern, Liège, Lorraine, Luxembourg, Saarland and Trier) of the University of the Greater Region (UniGR) are going to set up a "European centre of skills and resources in border studies" with international visibility.

The multidisciplinary academic field of "Border Studies" brings together in particular the human and social sciences, economics and geography around the topic of national borders, their meaning, their implications and the societal challenges that they generate.

The project aims to create the framework conditions conducive to cross-border research, increase exchanges and enhance the mobility of researchers through the organisation of academic seminars and visits by UniGr researchers.

The "teaching" component envisages the development of remote learning techniques that were tested in the context of the "Border Studies" Master's course. Lastly, the strengthening of ties between researchers and socioeconomic players will be fostered through the organisation of citizen forums and the contribution to the Greater Region's territorial development programme. The only one of its kind, the centre will help to establish the Greater Region as a place with an ambition for excellence.

The project enjoys the support of the Greater Region Interreg VA programme.

The MOT is a strategic partner in this project.

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