European Conference on the Energy Transition and signature of a cross-border agreement

March 2018

European Conference on the Energy Transition and signature of a cross-border agreement

The 2018 edition of the European Conference on the Energy Transition took place on 30-31 January and 1 February in the territory of Greater Geneva, a cross-border first for this event that every year brings together more than 3,500 professionals in the areas of energy and sustainable development. The conference also provided the opportunity to sign a cross-border agreement on air quality in Greater Geneva.

Inspiring plenary sessions set the tone for political and civic mobilisation. The "PACT’Air" agreement, which sets out 14 cross-border actions aimed at improving air quality in Greater Geneva was thus signed at the conference.
More info on this agreement [FR]

Cooperation on the development of the economic sectors relating to the energy transition was discussed, with the presentation of the strategies of the "4 engines of Europe": the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes Region, Lombardy, Baden-Württemberg and Catalonia. These regions have similar needs in their territories (air quality, energy-efficient renovation of buildings, clean modes of transport, etc.). Cooperation projects in the areas of innovation and economic development may be set up in relation to this theme. Etienne Blanc, Vice-President of the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes Region, sees for instance opportunities in the development of the hydrogen car sector with Switzerland.

Workshops provided a forum to discuss a range of topics such as the Aquitaine-Euskadi Euroregional strategy on renewable marine energies, a comparison of French, Swiss and German views on geothermal energy, and the exchange of good practices on energy-climate planning between the Metz Metropolis and the city of Worms (DE), etc.

The MOT led a workshop on cross-border cooperation and climate in West Africa and also took part in many of the other workshops, including that run by Enedis, one of the MOT's members, on multi-fluid data platforms. Other MOT partners were also present, such as the Caisse des Dépôts, which had a stand on the "Energy Transition Village" to present its new programme "EnRciT", which funds citizen-led renewable energy projects in their development phase (preliminary studies). More info [FR]

The Greater Geneva conurbation presented several cross-border transport projects that foster sustainable cross-border mobility. More info [FR]

The 2019 edition of the conference, which will mark its 20th anniversary, is scheduled to take place in Dunkirk – another cross-border and European event… More info

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