France-Italy, tighter border controls

March 2020

France-Italy, tighter border controls

Italy, the first country to be severely hit by this health crisis, recently called for a "European coordination" in the healthcare and economic field to deal with the coronavirus.

The Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte also recalled that his country had “not yet reached the peak" of contagion.
Italy's borders remain generally open to goods traffic, which is essential to supply the country with medical equipment from other countries.

At the French-Italian border, only Italian and French border residents who are able to submit a self-declaration can now cross it. Because of the double border to be crossed by the many Italians travelling to Monaco, these cross-border workers may soon have to provide themselves with three separate national authorisations.

This complication is compounded by the sharp reduction in rail flows between the two countries. Thello company, for instance, has cancelled all its trains towards Italy, connecting Paris and Marseilles to Milan and Venice.

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