Study on cross-border employment for the Lille European Metropolis

Septembre 2019

Study on cross-border employment for the Lille European Metropolis

The MOT has produced a study with the aim of informing the Lille European Metropolis about the socioeconomic features of Belgian Flanders, and the way its economic fabric and employment sector function.

A contrasting cross-border situation
The employment situation on either side of the border between France and Flanders is one of the most contrasting along France’s borders: the territory of the Lille European Metropolis, which has an unemployment rate of 11.6% (end-2017), borders Belgian Flanders, which has one of the lowest unemployment rates in the whole of Europe (4.4% for the Flanders Region, 3.2% in West Flanders and 3.4% in East Flanders*). This contrast highlights the success of the Flemish model, which is capable of approaching full employment, and which exploits its traditional know-how while at the same time having an economy that is open to the world, with a reputation for great modernity. Paradoxically, it is estimated that the flow of cross-border workers from the Lille European Metropolis to Wallonia is 2 to 2.5 times greater than that to Flanders.

A study aimed at importing good practices
This study, which was carried out by the MOT from 2018 to 2019, was commissioned by the Lille European Metropolis. It looked at how the good practices identified on the Flemish side can be reproduced on the French side. It also highlighted the conditions needed for them to be transferred to the territory of the Metropolis, as well as the levers that can be used to do so (players, resources). Ideas for concrete measures emerged in consultations with the stakeholders and are intended to be implemented in the territory of the Metropolis over the short and medium term, in order to make the Flemish job market more accessible for job-seekers.

The study is available for MOT members by clicking here.

* Eurostat data, 2017.


Photo: Kennedypark, Kortrijk - Source: Henderyckx Aerialphotography

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