Creation of an SEML for a cross-border heating network

November 2022

Creation of an SEML for a cross-border heating network

In the Franco-German region of Strasbourg-Kehl, the municipalities are in the process of implementing a flagship cross-border cooperation project for the extension of urban heating networks. Soon, the waste heat from the local steel mill will supply thousands of households on both sides of the Rhine.

In August 2022, a decisive step was taken with the creation of a Franco-German semi-public company (SEML) "Calorie Kehl-Strasbourg", in charge of the central element of the project: the construction and operation of the cross-border heat pipeline connecting the BSW steelworks in Kehl to consumers on both sides of the Rhine.

In order to make this construction and operation possible not by an energy operator but by the local authorities concerned, the legal form chosen for the cross-border structure was that of an SEML under French law, guaranteeing public governance. Since February 2022 and the implementation of new provisions of the 3DS law, the general code of local authorities has allowed a balance between German and French shareholders.

At the end of 2022, the planning and approval processes will begin, with construction scheduled for 2024 and commissioning in 2026.

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Photo: Badische Stahlwerke GmbH

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