Franco-Belgian coordination

March 2020

Franco-Belgian coordination

In France, since Tuesday 17 March at 12 noon, for a period of at least fifteen days, and in Belgium, since Wednesday 18 March at 12 noon and at least until 5 April, any unjustified leave from home, any friendly and family meetings and all gatherings are prohibited, on pain of a fine for offenders.

The border between France and Belgium remains open for the time being, both by road and by train or bus, but train traffic is greatly reduced and crossings are filtered. In both countries, any movement across the border is in principle prohibited unless it is essential and justified (by work, care, feeding). Non-essential travel outside Belgium is prohibited until 5 April. Checks are often carried out to ensure that travel is justified (for the reasons mentioned above). In order to enter France or Belgium, each person must be in possession of a duly completed certificate.

Concerning cross-border workers, as social distancing measures are under way on both sides of the border, they should restrict travel to a minimum and give priority to the telework wherever possible. If they are unable to telework and have the certificate above, they are allowed to cross.

With regard to health care, border residents are now asked to contact their national health services, even though the health structures in the French and Belgian Ardennes are "in continuous contact" (source: ARS Grand Est). If assistance is required, it will be provided in France for French people and in Belgium for Belgians.

Daily updates on the situation within the cross-border territory are provided by the Eurometropole Lille-Kortrijk-Tournai, (cf. flash info).

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