Cooperation between rural areas on the German-Luxembourg border

March 2016

Cooperation between rural areas on the German-Luxembourg border

The first-ever cross-border regional development strategy since the launch of the European programme LEADER is being put in place along the Moselle River where it divides Germany and Luxembourg.

The two regions of Moselfranken (Germany) and Miselerland (Luxembourg) are located at the heart of the Greater Region on either side of the Moselle, between the centres of Luxembourg City and Trier. Cooperation between the two regions has been stepped up over the past decade thanks in particular to the setting-up in 2003 of operational Local Action Groups within the framework of the European programme LEADER, which fosters the development of rural regions, and it recently culminated in the joint formulation of the first-ever cross-border LEADER regional development strategy since the launch of the programme. The aim was to give a new quality to the cohabitation between neighbours and to serve as an example for the 500 other border LEADER regions (out of a total number of 2,400 LEADER regions in the EU)…

Common challenges, common visions

The socio-economic, cultural and historical contexts on either side of the Moselle are similar and population growth rates are very high. Strengthening social cohesion is the crucial challenge for the future. The region displays great socio-cultural diversity, and ever-increasing mobility has resulted in a decline in commercial infrastructures and the range of services offered in the territory.
The fundamental principle of the LEADER programme consists in giving responsibility to regional stakeholders in the social, economic, political, non-profit and institutional fields by providing them with the means to run their own projects as part of a territorial development strategy. The German-Luxembourg model along the Moselle border is adding to this the search for better solutions to common problems by gradually but systematically bringing the two populations closer together. A resolutely modern and European approach.

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