Conference "Building beyond the border" on 27 February 2016

March 2016

Conference "Building beyond the border" on 27 February 2016

"There is no more contemporary phenomenon than that linked to borders," emphasised Jean-Barthélemy Debost, head of the network and partnerships department at the National Museum of the History of Immigration, in his opening address to the conference organised on 27 February by the MOT in connection with the exhibition "Frontières" ("Borders") in Paris.

The presentation of the publication "Territorial Cooperation in Europe – a Historical Perspective" produced by DG REGIO to mark the 25th anniversary of Interreg, in the presence of its authors, brought together academics and practitioners from many different backgrounds in order to put the achievements of European territorial cooperation and 30 years of Schengen into a historical context, while at the same time highlighting the need for and topicality of the discussion.

Download the minutes (in French).

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