Welcome to the new MOT website!

Novembre 2013

Welcome to the new MOT website!

The Mission Opérationnelle Transfrontalière and its president Michel Delebarre invite you to discover the new version of the MOT website: a unique resource centre for cross-border cooperation in Europe!

With a new layout, simplified structure and updated and expanded content, the site presents the MOT’s activities and makes available a unique resource centre on cross-border cooperation : borders, territories, topics, projects, maps… multiple entry-points for the pooling of territories’ experiences.

As the MOT’s president, Michel Delebarre, emphasises: “This new website is intended to be a tool in the service of cross-border territories. The site must belong to those involved in cross-border cooperation, and we therefore invite you to contribute, and enrich it with your cross-border experiences and projects!”.

Five main sections make up the new MOT website:

  • News: Keep track of news and events concerning cross-border cooperation.
  • About the MOT: Get to know the organisation and the network, explore the MOT’s work, partners, seminars, etc.
  • European Activities: Find the MOT’s position papers and European projects, as well as networks such as the CECICN and the Budapest Platform.
  • Resource Centre: 175 presentations of borders and territories, 27 analyses of cross-border cooperation topics, a database of 450 cross-border projects, a collection of 130 maps illustrating the reality of cooperation on French borders, information on European programmes and the 2014-2020 programming period, etc.
  • The Members’ Area (available in French only):
    - an updated legal database (the legal framework for cooperation on each French border, factsheets on legal instruments, legal texts…).
    - an exceptional press article database: All press articles on cross-border cooperation on French borders have been archived since 2009. The search engine enables searching by topic, border and territory.

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