Workshop of the EGTC platform

June 2014

Workshop of the EGTC platform

On 26 June, within the framework of the EGTC platform, the Committee of the Regions held a workshop, chaired by Herwig Van Staa, President of the Tyrolean Parliament and the platform’s coordinator, on the implementation of the new European regulation on EGTCs (1302/2013), which has been applicable since 22 June 2014.

In particular, the difficulties related to staff management and public procurement were discussed: in this respect, the transposition of a European directive (2014/24, Art.39-5) should give EGTCs more flexibility regarding the choice of national law applicable. The meeting also made it possible to highlight the potential offered by EGTCs in the implementation of cohesion policy (as the managing authority, an intermediate management structure for part of an operational programme or ITI (integrated territorial investment) or as the sole beneficiary of European funding for a cross-border project). The MOT took part in this workshop.

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