Workshop in Jerusalem

March 2015

Workshop in Jerusalem

Organised by the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and by the IPCC*, and taking place from 9 to 11 February 2015 in Jerusalem, a workshop entitled “Between the Jordan and the Mediterranean: 2050 strategic plan” brought together some twenty Israeli, Palestinian and European experts - including the MOT, the AEBR, the Eurométropole Lille-Kortrijk-Tournai and the PEACE programme in Ireland - on the issues of cross-border cooperation in the Israel-Palestine region.

The underlying assumption for the researchers was that peace in this region involves not only two states that recognise common borders, but also infrastructures (water, transport, religious sites, etc.) under joint management as well as open international city status for Jerusalem. In order to achieve this objective, the development of cross-border cooperation implemented by local practitioners must be concomitant with the diplomatic settlement.

* International Peace and Cooperation Center, a Palestinian think-tank.

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