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B-solutions info session

28 June 2023, online

The Association of European Border Regions (AEBR) will host an online info session on Wednesday 28 June (11:30-12:15, CEST) to present the b-solutions initiative addressing border regions.

With the objective of providing support to local actors to improve cooperation across borders, b-solutions addresses difficulties encountered in EU internal, EU-EFTA and EU-IPA border regions in various thematic areas (institutional cooperation, public services, labour market and education and European Green Deal). Through a call for proposals, the initiative offers experts' technical support with three objectives:
- understand the concrete obstacles;
- identify solutions to solve them in a case report;
- collect information about such hindrances to improve European policies.

Selected cases receive technical support from legal experts in charge of analysing the obstacle and suggesting solutions in a case report for the participant. Participation also helps raise awareness on cross-border cooperation among policy makers at all levels of governance.
Applications are reviewed on a rolling basis with immediate implementation, and can be submitted via a simple online form, in any European language. Deadline to apply is 10 November.
More information and the link to apply.
Registration to the info session on Wednesday 28 June (11:30-12:15, CEST).

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