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Cross-Border European Capitals of Culture and sustainable urban development

4-6 July 2019, Iași (Romania)

Event organized in the frame of the 56th Symposium of the "Association de Science Régionale de Langue Française" (ASRDLF), at Iasi's Alexandru Ioan Cuza University.

The panel aims to discuss both the new dynamics generated by European Capitals of Culture (ECoc) and the cultural policies specific to cross-border regions. After all, the establishment of a cultural policy considering urban spaces in neighboring countries is a fundamental step to support community integration, especially since one-third of Europeans live in cross-border regions. The objective of the panel is therefore to intersect the works concerned by ECoC with those concerned by cross-border cultural policies and, thus, to bring original elements of analysis of crossborder ECoC. The three dimensions of strengthening the sense of belonging, social inclusion and / or sustainable development are allowing to articulate the presentations. 

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