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Conference "European Capitals of Culture and Cross-border Urban Cohesion" (CECCUT)

7 March 2019 in Belval (Luxembourg)

The CECCUT network conference taking place on 7 March 2019 at the Belval Campus (Luxembourg) has two objectives. First, draw up the major issues of cross-border urban cohesion through cultural policies based on the experience of urban stakeholders in charge of setting up the European Capital of Culture initiative.

Second, after these debates in the plenary room, three workshops will be held in parallel on the following topics:
1) Strengthen the sense of belonging to a common cross-border cultural space;
2) Support social inclusion across borders through culture, particularly that of young people and marginalised groups;
3) Promote urban development based on the cultural and creative economy beyond state borders.
The exchanges held in these workshops will act to orientate and organise future works of the CECCUT network. This includes the production of a good practices guide and an evaluation of the European Capitals of Culture located in border areas.
The invitation, programme and registration form are available on the following link: www.liser.lu/ceccut2019/en/
Registration for the conference closes on 3 March 2019 or when maximum number of registrations has been reached.
The languages used in the conference will be English and French. An interpretation service will be provided.

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