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Seminar: "Trianon, 100 Years After. Cross-Border Cooperation in Central and Estern Europe"

27 October 2021, in Budapest

Organised by the French Embassy in Hungary, the French Institute, the CESCI (Central European Service for Cross-Border Initiatives), and the IFECO (French Central and Eastern Europe Initiative), 27 October 2021, in Budapest

The borders inherited from Trianon had a profoundly divisive effect and generated tension in Central and Eastern Europe. However, the accession of Hungary and certain other states in the region to the European Union has initiated a dynamic of development of cross-border cooperation, helping to pacify relations between the countries.

More than a century after Trianon and almost 20 years after the enlargement of the EU to include these countries, what is the state of cross-border cooperation in Central and Eastern Europe? What prospects does it offer?

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