Final conference of the project

The final conference of the project was held in Paris on 24th October.

Main results

Rationalise the multi-level governance of cooperation

Analysis of the roles of institutions involved in cooperation has revealed substantial changes in positions, with on the one hand local authorities increasingly taking on a driving role in cooperation, and on the other hand a state, at least in the French case, repositioning to a role of support for local approaches, while retaining a key role in its areas of competence. The study revealed the wide diversity of arrangements with regard to cross-border governance, and also the existence of a myriad of actors and institutions, but without optimum linkage between them, either on the French side or the other side of the border, increasing the complexity of the cooperation.

Reinforce the place of cross-border territorial development

The study has highlighted the need to take better account of the cross-border territorial dimension in national policies, in particular in the perspective of linkage with the Europe 2020 strategy, and the need to reinforce the place of cross-border territorial development in European programmes.

The main recommendations of the project